Course Description

This program is designed for delivery throughout Winter as a therapeutic gardening program. 

Therapeutic Horticulture is a process of using plants and gardening activities to promote health and well-being of people’s mind, body and spirit. 

Gardening has been used for many years to cultivate health and wellbeing in people with disabilities, illnesses, diseases, the young, the elderly and people recovering from surgery and other health issues. 

This program provides an organic and sustainable approach to gardening and is customised for the needs of people of all ages and abilities. 

Through this program you will access resources and information to assist with the delivery of gardening activities within your organisation. Ongoing support is provided through the Soil to Supper Online Facebook Group. Access link to this group will be included in registration confirmation. 

This program includes; 

  • 12 Gardening Activities suitable for completion through Winter 

  • 12 Session Plans to guide facilitators through the delivery of each activity 

  • 12 Activity Guides for participants to follow to complete activities 

  • Downloads will provide extra information on selected gardening topics 

  • Videos from the Soil to Supper Community offer a deeper understanding of common gardening tasks and topics 

  • Access to the private Facebook Group to ask questions, share successes from your program and connect with others who are providing therapeutic gardening programs 

  • Ongoing support from Cath Manuel to assist with the successful delivery of a gardening program through the season 

From this program you will gain the knowledge, skills and a deeper understanding to confidently delivery therapeutic gardening activities throughout Winter. 

To continue with gardening throughout the year we suggest purchasing each season’s program and encourage participants to enjoy growing food and gardening throughout the year. 

You may also consider registering for Staff Professional Development, which is provided onsite by Cath Manuel. For more information please refer to Therapeutic Horticulture Training Program.

This training provides staff will knowledge of therapeutic horticulture, how to complete gardening activities and how to establish a gardening program within your organisation. 

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Week 1 Content
    Show Content
    • Week 1 Content
    • Week 1 Session Plan
    • Week 1 Activity Guide
    • Winter Gardening Activities
    • Session Plan Template
    • Risk Assessment
  • 02
    Week 2
    Show Content
    • Week 2 Content
    • Week 2 Session Plan
    • Week 2 Activity Guide
  • 03
    Week 3
    Show Content
    • Week 3 Content
    • Week 3 Session Plan
    • Week 3 Activity Guide
  • 04
    Week 4
    Show Content
    • Week 4 Content
    • Week 4 Session Plan
    • Week 4 Activity Guide
  • 05
    Week 5
    Show Content
    • Week 5 Content
    • Week 5 Session Plan
  • 06
    Week 6
    Show Content
    • Week 6 Content
    • Week 6 Session Plan
    • Week 6 Activity Guide
  • 07
    Week 7
    Show Content
    • Week 7 Content
    • Week 7 Session Plan
  • 08
    Week 8
    Show Content
    • Week 8 Content
    • Week 8 Session Plan
    • Week 8 Activity Guide
  • 09
    Week 9
    Show Content
    • Week 9 Content
    • Week 9 Session Plan
    • Week 9 Activity Guide
  • 10
    Week 10
    Show Content
    • Week 10 Content
    • Week 10 Session Plan
    • Week 10 Activity Guide
  • 11
    Week 11
    Show Content
    • Week 11 Content
    • Week 11 Session Plan
    • Checklist of Gardening Jobs
  • 12
    Week 12
    Show Content
    • Week 12 Content
    • Week 12 Session Plan